• Disintegrating – Part II

    Disintegrating – Part II

    Three years after the first set of images, Fabian Oefner has revisited his famous Disintegrating series and created 5 new works. The first one is currently on display at the booth of M.A.D Gallery at the Design Days Dubai. The additional photographs will be revealed in April for the opening of the show „Disintegrating – […]
  • World Sience Festival

    Fabian Oefner has presented some works of his „Black Hole“ series at the World Science Festival Gala in New York. This year, the Gala marked the 100th anniversary of Einstein`s discovery of the General Theory of Relativity – one of the deepest and most remarkable theories ever contemplated – by honoring one of the truly great […]
  • Oefner @ Milan Design Week 2015

    Studio Oefner`s brand new installation „Field of Sound“ will be on display at Milan Design Week 2015. The kinetic sculpture has been created in close collaboration with media artist Simon Schubiger and Peugeot Design Lab. It is made of a 36 metre squared field of more than 5000 plexiglass blades sways with the music, each […]
  • Photo15

    Fabian Oefner will be giving a talk about some of his most recent and future projects at Photo15 in Zurich. The talk will be on sunday, 11th of January 2015 at 3pm. Additional Info & Tickets can be found on the photo15 website.
  • Ferrari – The Performance

    Artist Fabian Oefner recently visited Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello to interpret the latest Ferrari Grand Tourer, the 2015 California T as an art form through his eyes. The resulting video is an exploration of the essence of the California T. It encapsulates the pillars of purposeful design and perpetual innovation that are constants in the […]
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