Project Description

Corona is a set of images, that came into existence by chance. Its from a recent experiment, where I let Petrol evaporate on a glass plate. The results I got, reminded me of a phenomenon I remember seeing a couple of years ago: The corona, a vast aura of plasma surrounding the sun, visible during a total solar eclipse.

When I started the experiment, I predicted a different result. However, I believe it is often the case, that magical moments come into existence, when we go beyond the predictable. My work as an artist is to create a space for different visual possibilities to happen. Sometimes, these possibilities are rather predictable. And at other times, it goes beyond the predictable into an uncertainty, I cannot foresee. I love these moment, when I am able to push open a door to a visual realm, I did not expect to find.

Project Details
Corona (2016)
Inkjet Print
120 x 130 cm
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