The Artist


Fabian Oefner`s work explores the boundaries between time, space and reality. He creates fictional moments and spaces, that look and feel absolutely real, yet aren't. Through this, Oefner dissects the different components of reality and gives us a clearer understanding of how we perceive and define it.

Inspired by science, Oefner`s approach to art is highly methodical and at the same time playful for unexpected moments to happen. He creates carefully orchestrated works, that are planned down to the last detail as well as pieces, that use a loose framework for art to happen.

In his highly acclaimed "Disintegrating" series, the artist portrays performance cars, that seem to blow apart. He creates these artificial moments in time by photographing every piece of the dismantled car individually and arranges them digitally into one photograph. Spending hundreds of hours on each piece, the photographs become a hyperrealistic rendition of a moment, that never existed.

In his latest series „Exploding Collages“ and „Bildersturm“, Oefner seemingly shoots through photographs and paintings, creating layered illusions of reality. Each work depicts a portrait photograph or painting being torn apart by a gunshot or an explosion. What seems to be a genuine image of an ephemeral moment is in fact just an illusion: The artist creates these works by capturing thousands of fragments of the original print and paintings and diligently arranges them into a new piece. Oefner`s meticulous precision ultimately results into a hyperrealistic illusion, that shows a real, yet non-existing moment in time.


J. Velasco, S. Velasco: Look Inside. Gestalten Verlag. Berlin. 2016


Jalongo: The Sense of Beauty. Amka Films. 2017

Solo Exhibitions:

2016: Disintegrating. MAD Gallery, Geneva

2016: Disintegrating. MAD Gallery, Dubai

2015: Infinite Moment in Time. Gerald W. Lynch Theathre. New York

2014: Paint in Motion. Beihang University, Bejing

2014: Ephemeral. theprintspace Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018: Moving Image, Shanghai Auto Museum, Shanghai, China

2017: xPosure, Sharjah, UAE

2016: Interferences, KIKK Festival Namur, Belgium

2015: World Science Festival, New York

2015: Milan Design Week, Milan

2014: Photo Zurich

2012: Curiosity Paris.