Project Details
Nebula (2011)
Inkjet Print
120 x 90 cm
Project Description

The series appears to feature tiny stars, galaxies, and astronomical phenomena in the very, very far distance. In reality, this is just an illusion. Each photograph focuses on the glowing ends of a fibre glass lamp. Using a long exposure, I moved the glowing lamps around a pitch black room to create streaks of light across the frame. I then multiplied several images together to create distant nebulas, clusters and galaxies.

I have always been fascinated by the images taken by the Hubble telescope. I was trying to think of a way, how I can make such images without having a 2.5 billion dollar telescope at hand. I basically tried to create an indoor outer space. What I love about the series, is that the setup is so simple, just a fibre glass lamp and yet, the images are rich and complex to look at, just like the sky when looking at it in a clear night.

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